Pork on a Fork BBQ - Smoked Turkeys & Some Fixin's

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Smoked Turkeys & Some Fixin's
POAF Smoker
Special Price $145
Serves 10-12 Guests w/ some leftovers
(Price Includes Some Fixin's)

What You Get:
  • Whole Smoked Turkey
  •  Traditional Stuffing
  •  Cheesy Mashed Potatoes
  •  Green Bean Casserole
  •  Cranberry Sauce & Gravy
  •  Dinner Rolls & Cornbread Muffins

**A La Carte / Add Ons**
  • Additional Turkey (16 - 20 lbs)
  •  Whole Smoked Turkey Breast (4 - 5 lbs)
  •  Whole Beef Brisket (5 - 7 lbs)
  •  Whole Pork Shoulder (5 - 7 lbs)
  •  Whole Smoked Ham (5 - 7 lbs)
The Fine Print
*Limited Quantities & Smoker Space Available
Special Pricing if booked before countdown clock ends below
Turkey/Brisket/Pork is served hot or cold based on preference (comes w/ reheating instructions)
Sides served cold for reheating (comes w/ reheating instructions)
Pick-up at all locations available Wed, Nov. 27th or Thanksgiving Day between 8am - Noon
4 pre-sold towards goal of 60 Turkeys
Last year we ended up smoking 48 turkeys (our goal was 20) so we bought another smoker!!
You can buy until the campaign ends or we run out of room on the smoker...